Wardrobe Specialist 

"My core values and heart's desires are to serve and spread the love of GOD. I've been blessed with the gift of encouragement and the talent of design. As a true artist, I am compelled to combine the two using an innovative mindset to create styles that are unique, memorable and inspirational." 


To create a one-stop shop for individual self-improvement and empowerment that will branch out to all across the nation. I am striving to have ReSeL be recognized nationwide as a maximizer of customers' potential both physically and professionally. With our combined teams of garment constructors, retailers, and consultants, we seek to provide our customers with a unique style and brand that will bring about continual satisfaction.


Rashante Lee-Seaborn, Founder of ReSeL Fashions

As a child growing up in Rochester, New York, my biggest outlet and form of expression was art. My love for design sparked at the tender age of 7 years old when I used to play with my Barbie dolls. I would use my imagination and creativity to sketch out, using my crayons in a notebook, the beautiful ball gowns and dresses that I thought my dolls deserved.

From there, my love and passion for fashion design never faded but continued to thrive inspiring me to attend Tennessee State University to major in Fashion Merchandising with a Minor in Business Administration. While earning my bachelor's degree, I was compelled to incorporate the university's motto "Think, Work, Serve" as a lifestyle motivating me to serve on campus as student President of Fashion Guild. Upon graduation, I took a leap of faith and relocated from "Country Music City" to "La La Land" to pursue my dreams and earn a better opportunity to advance in my field. 

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The "City of Angels" - Los Angeles welcomed me with open arms. I began my fashion career journey working as a Member Care Representative for Nordstromrack.Com leading me into a Fashion Copywriter role within the company, then later assuming that title on the Revolve Clothing Copywriting Team. Most recently, I have ventured out into the wonderful world of Costuming & Wardrobe for TV & Film within the entertainment industry.

I've been blessed to work as an On-Set Seamstress with Academy Award Nominated Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter for a Capital One Commercial directed by Spike Lee. I have also worked as a Costume Production Assistant under the phenomenal Emmy Award Nominated Costume Designer Rita McGhee, as well as Academy Award Nominated Costume Designer Mary Zophres. My latest projects include working on the Costumes Team providing wardrobe for the New Edition Mini Series Cast during the "Lifetime Achievement Award" segment for the 2017 BET Awards all while taking on many other Costume & Fashion Design projects for a variety of great clients.

No job is too big or too small. With faith and the right team, ANYTHING is possible!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13