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Fashion Innovation
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Rashante Lee-Seaborn, Founder of ReSeL Fashions

ReSeL Fashion Line & Brand

For for the classy, elegant, creative and sophisticated contemporary woman that truly exudes femininity. ReSeL is a new and innovative start-up manufacturer and retailer of fashionable and contemporary apparel and accessory items. 

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Fashion/Costume Designer

All while managing her own clothing line "ReSeL" which caters to the contemporary women who desires to have a look of uniqueness, elegance, grace, femininity, and innovation.

To create a one-stop shop for individual self-improvement that will branch out to all across the nation. We are striving to have ReSeL be recognized nationwide as a maximizer of customers' potential both physically and professionally. With our combined teams of garment constructors, retailers, and consultants we seek to provide our customers with a unique style and brand that will bring about continual satisfaction.